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Fundamental domains
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A nonconstant function
Thumbnail 3
The Meyer wavelet
Thumbnail 4
Windowed transforms
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Masking Fourier coefficients in an image
Thumbnail 6
A Haar wavelet expansion
Thumbnail 7
The Lloyd-Max algorithm
Thumbnail 8
Runge's phenomenon
Thumbnail 9
Splines are nearly local
Thumbnail 10
Sound quantization
Thumbnail 11
Some examples of dithering
Thumbnail 12
Gravitational slingshot
Thumbnail 13
Electromagnetic drawings with sagemath
Thumbnail 14
A fundamental pinch
Thumbnail 15
Where is my pencil?
Thumbnail 16
Mean vs. median
Thumbnail 17
Basis functions of DCT-II
Thumbnail 18
Plotting Maass forms
Thumbnail 19
Interference of 1D waves
Thumbnail 20
Image to bump map
Thumbnail 21
Magic cans
Thumbnail 22
Avoidance of crossing
Thumbnail 23
Thumbnail 24
Square root exponential sums
Thumbnail 25
Simple filters and pencil line drawing effect
Thumbnail 26
Ray tracing Rubik's cube skeleton
Thumbnail 27
Ray tracing dodecahedrons
Thumbnail 28
Moiré effect
Thumbnail 29
Cardioid and nephroid as envelope of reflected rays
Thumbnail 30
Caustic at the bottom of a cup
Thumbnail 31
Ad "The poetry of analysis"
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Central limit theorem and diffusion simulations
Thumbnail 33
GIMP: Alpha to Logo
Thumbnail 34
A miniFIGlet