Daniel  Faraco Hurtado  










Proyects, editorial work, conferences:

The project Geometric function theory, Inverse
problems and fluid dynamics obtained an ERC
grant in 2012.  Please follow the link for more information as well as for info about positions!

 (Análisis y Geometría con Aplicaciones a Problemas Inversos)

Agapi means love in Greek. But in Spanish stands for "Analysis, Geometry with Applications to Inverse Problems" We organize regular conferences so please follow the link. At
the moment we have two FPI grants so please apply if interested.

Laboratorio Kari Astala.

As part of Severo Ochoa project at ICMAT I am codirecting the Kari Astala lab.  Thanks to this fund Kari Astala spends in Madrid three months every year in a research stay. Moreover we will be hiring three postdocs and a PHD student.

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana.

Since 2015 I am an editor of the Journal Revista Matemática Iberoamericana.  To submit a paper please send a message to rmi@uam.es, to me or even better to both!

Severo Ochoa

I am one of the 9 garantes of the Severo Ochoa Project.  Please follow the link for the many activities associated to the program.

 Postdoctoral Researchers

Investigadores  Postdoctorales Actuales

  •  Sauli Lindberg (Postdoc ERC)

  • Fernando Charro (Postdoc ERC)
  • Lauri Hitruhin. (Postdoc Academia de Finlandia y Severo Ochoa).

Postdoctoral Researchers  (Previos)

  •  Albert Clop 

2009. Actualmente Ramón y Cajal UAB

  • Jarmo Jääskeläinen

2012-2014. Actualmente Investigador Universidad de Jyväskylä

  • Angel Castro

2012-2014- Actualmente Científco titular CSIC.

  • Pablo Angulo

2015-2016 Actualmente Ayudante Doctor UPM.

  • Martí Prats

2015-2017 Acualmente UAB. Grupo Xavier Tolsa.

PHD Students

 Jorgue Tejero  (Codirigido con Keith Rogers)

Francisco Mengual (Codirigido con Angel Castro)

Marcos de la Oliva Wilkinson (Codirigido con Carlos Mora).

  • Antiguos Congresos  (Consolider)

Special Trimester Fluids and Calculus of  Variations (Autumm 2010)


Special Trimester  Inverse Problems (Spring 2011)