Geometry of Riemann Surfaces 

Madrid, 24-26 May, 2023

PRICIT Departamento de Matemáticas Universidad Autónoma de



Local Info

A short workshop on the Geometry of Riemann Surfaces to be held from 24 to 26 May 2023 at Centro Cultural La Corrala, a historic venue of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid at the very heart of the old quarter of the city.

The term corrala refers to a type of traditional housing found in old Madrid, consisting of wooden blocks with doors leading to corridors surrounding a central courtyard. Corralas were usually found in dense, popular neighborhoods, and were distributed in tiny apartments inhabited by families that came to the city searching for a job. This one was built in 1860. It was back then called El Corralón because of its large size, and hosted around 120 families. After suffering severe damage, the building was rehabilitated by the city council of Madrid and transformed into a cultural center, a small museum and conference center for Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. (Find more about the building here -in Spanish-).

Due to the characteristics of the place, only a limited number of people fit in the lecture room, which is cosy but small (and certainly not the usual conference room of a modern building). However, anyone interested in a given talk is welcome.

There will be live streaming of the talks via youtube.  

La Corrala

Photo: entrance gate to the courtyard of La Corrala
(Photo by Santiago López Pastor)

The main topics of the conference include:

  • Teichmüller spaces and Mapping Class Groups
  • Hyperbolic Geometry
  • Compact Riemann surfaces: automorphisms, uniformization, algebraic equations
  • Grothendieck dessins d'enfants and Belyi surfaces

Organizing Committee: Ernesto Girondo and Gabino González.