The members of our group have varied interests that encompass several areas in Analysis and Number Theory. Roughly speaking, it can be said that the unifying topic is Fourier analysis and the aims are the applications of its methods to some problems that lie mainly in analytic number theory, combinatorics and PDEs.
Among the generic goals towards which our efforts are directed, we outline: to contribute to the analytic theory of automorphic forms; to exploit the arithmetic interpretations of spectral theory; to extend the current knowledge about lattice point problems; to establish properties of special Fourier series; to explore the application of number theoretical techniques in some problems in quantum physics; to apply the theory of singular integrals to the equations in fluid mechanics; to state pointwise inequalities for nonlocal operators; to understand the development of singularities in some partial differential equations; to contribute to advances in higher order Fourier analysis, especially by deepening our understanding of the relation between Gowers uniformity norms and nilmanifolds; to improve the applications of harmonic analysis in arithmetic combinatorics and to develop new such applications.

Key words

Exponential sums, automorphic forms, ergodic theory, arithmetic combinatorics, singular integrals, fluid mechanics.

Research lines

Keeping in mind the MSC2010, a more concrete list of our research lines is:
  1. Sequences and sets
  2. Multiplicative number theory
  3. Harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces
  4. Additive number theory
  5. Discontinuous groups and automorphic forms
  6. Fluid mechanics
  7. Ergodic theory
  8. Spectral theory


Research team (Equipo de investigación)
Working team (Equipo de trabajo)

Publication record since 2014

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