In this page there are images and code to generate them (titles in alphabetical order)
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Avoidance of crossing
Thumbnail 3
Bump map from image
Thumbnail 4
The cardioid and the nephroid
Thumbnail 5
The cascade algorithm
Thumbnail 6
Caustic at the bottom of a cup
Thumbnail 7
Central limit theorem and diffusion
Thumbnail 8
Color spaces
Thumbnail 9
DCT-II basis functions
Thumbnail 10
Denoising with wavelets
Thumbnail 11
Dictionary methods
Thumbnail 12
Digital low-pass filters
Thumbnail 13
Digital windows
Thumbnail 14
Dirichlet, Fejér and more
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Thumbnail 16
Edge detectors
Thumbnail 17
Edges with wavelets
Thumbnail 18
Electromagnetic drawings with sagemath
Thumbnail 19
The finite wavelet expansion
Thumbnail 20
Fundamental domains
Thumbnail 21
A fundamental pinch
Thumbnail 22
GIMP: Alpha to Logo
Thumbnail 23
Gravitational slingshot
Thumbnail 24
A Haar wavelet expansion
Thumbnail 25
Harmonic oscillations
Thumbnail 26
Histogram manipulation
Thumbnail 27
Homomorphic filtering
Thumbnail 28
Huffman trees
Thumbnail 29
Interference of 1D waves
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Thumbnail 31
Julia & Newton
Thumbnail 32
The Kuwahara filter
Thumbnail 33
The Lloyd-Max algorithm
Thumbnail 34
Maass forms
Thumbnail 35
Magic cans
Thumbnail 36
Masking the JPEG Fourier coefficients
Thumbnail 37
The matrix of the DWT
Thumbnail 38
Mean vs. median
Thumbnail 39
The Meyer wavelet
Thumbnail 40
A miniFIGlet
Thumbnail 41
Moiré effect
Thumbnail 42
Morphological filters
Thumbnail 43
A nonconstant function
Thumbnail 44
The Parks-McClellan algorithm
Thumbnail 45
Pencil line drawing effect
Thumbnail 46
Periodic noise
Thumbnail 47
"The poetry of analysis" (Ad)
Thumbnail 48
Ray tracing dodecahedrons
Thumbnail 49
Ray tracing Rubik's cube skeleton
Thumbnail 50
Runge's phenomenon
Thumbnail 51
A sage plotter
Thumbnail 52
Signal compression
Thumbnail 53
Simple Fourier series
Thumbnail 54
Simple image filters
Thumbnail 55
My snake lemma
Thumbnail 56
Sound quantization
Thumbnail 57
A spiraling (or not) exponential sum
Thumbnail 58
Splines are nearly local
Thumbnail 59
The strange beat
Thumbnail 60
A Sugihara illusion
Thumbnail 61
Where is my pencil?
Thumbnail 62
Windowed transforms