2016 - Jim Wright (University of Edinburgh)

A talk with two tales: From absolutely to uniformly convergent Fourier series
Viernes, 10 de junio de 2016, Sala de Seminarios 520, 11:30 h.
Departamento de Matemáticas
Módulo 17 de la Facultad de Ciencias (UAM)


Abstract: By the 1950’s the theory of absolutely convergent Fourier series had been well-developed and people started to ask what happens to theorems/theories about absolutely convergent Fourier series when one relaxes the condition to uniform convergence. There are two interesting instances where such a ques- tion was posed and then investigated; one concerning Sidon sets and another about homomorphisms of the Fourier algebra.

Interestingly, these two problems have near to exact counterparts to problems in Calderon-Zygumd theory and the problems were developed inde- pendently for a period of time. In this talk, we will describe this historical deve- lopment and discuss some recent work.