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Seminario T. Grupos
Seminario T. Grupos 16/12

10:00 Aula Naranja ICMAT   
Speaker: Arturo Rodriguez Fanlo (Oxford University)
Title: Metric approximate subgroups.
Abstract: In additive combinatorics, approximate subgroups are used to model subsets similar to subgroups up to a constant discrete-like error. Using model theory, a fundamental connection between finite approximate subgroups and Lie groups was found in 2011. This result, now known as the Lie model Theorem, was the starting point used to finally give a complete classification of finite approximate subgroups by Breuillard, Green and Tao. In this talk we will see a generalisation of this theorem to the case of metric approximate subgroups, where also a continuous like error is allowed.
Localización 10:00 Aula Naranja ICMAT