Group Theory in Madrid


Our research is centered on different combinatorial, geometric, and algebraic properties of finite and infinite groups. Particular emphasis is placed on Asymptotic Group Theory (e.g. L2 invariants, growth functions), Geometric Group Theory (e.g. nonpositively curved groups, mapping class groups), Profinite Groups, and Representation Theory.

We have a number of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in several aspects of the above topics.

Members Postdocs Ph.D students
Yago Antolin (UCM) Javier de la Nuez González Julio Aroca (ICMAT)
Javier Aramayona (ICMAT)
Jan Boschheidgen(UAM)
Alejandra Garrido (UAM)
Xabier Legaspi (ICMAT)
Andrei Jaikin (UAM)
Diego López (UAM)
Carolina Vallejo (UC3M)
Hang Lu Su (ICMAT)